Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Too Late For a Post Title

I am writing this post with my first laptop!! Yeeee!! I'm excited. I'm also very tired. I should have been in bed 3 hours ago. But... Ian's Halo game is much to loud to accommodate sleeping... I've been too busy browsing the web! I'm trying to plan a fun hotel/ day activities for our 6 month anniversary/ Valentine's day! Any ideas of relatively cheap hotels/spa packages/ fun activities?? Send them my way!

Ever have those days when you vent to your parents for 2 hours because you were so upset about stuff that happened at work then drive home from your moms and your husband asks if his friend can come over and you like this friend but you wanted to work out and if he comes over you can't so you tell Ian your spouse do whatever you want and he says no it's whatever you want and you just want him to be sweet and loving and attentive and then you realize that you could potentially cry at any given moment??? (read in one breath like you are whining to your BFF Becky) Me neither. 

The most depressing part about that? I don't even have a BFF Becky. 

Also, if anyone would like to be my In-Home chef, I'm available for tasting applications every day around dinner time. 

Becky... if you're out there? He didn't bring the friend over. He's learning. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Working Out Working Out Barbie Yeah!

It's January!! We all have weight loss and change on our minds! I'm no exception! But this year I'm thinking about from a different perspective.

I've seen family members struggle with weight and body image my whole life. I have 4 sisters. Do you have ANY idea how that is??? "I want to hang out with you and your friends!" "You're 8. You can't hang out with high school kids." "I want to wear lipstick and heels- your heels!" "YOU'RE EIGHT!!!!" "Ugh, I"m having a fat day." I just want a chips and a coke." "I'm going to walk on my toes all day so I have good calf muscles."

The point of that is, from a very young age I have, as many of you, have had mixed messages about bodies, weight, and healthy eating.

I remember being somewhere between 2nd and 4th grade, talking to a friend outside my house. I told her I was going to walk up and down my hill 30 times a day to get rid of my belly. No kid should have that on their minds!

Each year in junior high and high school, about a month before school started I would start exercising. I would work out in our basement, walk up the hills in the neighborhood, and jump on the elliptical.

Yet I've never gotten to where I ultimatley want to be. I always wonder what I'd look like with a six pack. Is that strange? Seriously for years now! So why haven't I made it happen? Um... a mix between not wanting it enough, not being consistant, and sheer laziness.

My real big push was once I graduated. I worked for a company that gave me a free gym pass (dang straight!!) so I started going more religiously. Last December, my mom and I bought the Pink Method. It's another workout program with a diet plan. All the same really. Hated the workouts. They had what was called the "Reset" though. For 7-10 days you'd eat a fruit smoothie in the morning, a salad/veggies and a lean protein for lunch, the same for dinner, and as many veggies as you wanted throughout the day. Day 1 I hated life. Gimme cheetos! Gimme garlic bread! (what?) Gimme pizza! But after that, I didn't really crave those things- as much! I ended up only doing it for 4 days but lost 4 pounds. It was the push I needed. It changed my thinking. I started being more conscious. I stayed the same till I discovered Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.

I started that in July I believe. I was super dedicated to it! I knew Ian and I were going to Vegas in August (didn't know about the wedding part) and I wanted to wear a bikini. Judge me if you will! I woke up at 6:15 every morning and would do it before I went to work. I did it for about two and a half weeks and seriously... I've never seen results so quick! I felt fantastic! I wanted to keep it up! Not to mention, I was dressing so much cuter then because I felt so good about my body. I wore skirts and heels nearly every day. Then we decided to get married- after a Big Time Rush concert, romantic right??- and it kinda went to crap... Then we got married, came back home and my routine was shattered. I didn't want to leave my charming new roommate! I would work out probably....eh....well..... maybe once a week... sometimes fewer. I noticed I started dressing different. Boring really. Ian would bring home Ben and Jerry's Half Baked and I would eagerly grab a spoon! Lots of pizza, dinners out, ice cream, oreos, and holiday food later... I've decided enough!!

I read fitness blogs and weight loss blogs like they're going out of style! I have an addiction I think... I love before and after pictures. I love meal plans. I love recipes. I love writing down exercise circuits I will never actually do.

I read so much about no carb, low carb, clean eating, etc. Theoretically, I'd like to eat clean but let's not kid our selves, I love me some (everything)!! Today I did no carb. Kind of intentionally, kind of not. Breakfast was some egg muffin/cup business (eggs, tiny bit of cheese, ham, and spinached baked in muffin tins), lunch was a greek yogurt and Luna bar, another Luna protein bar around 2:30, some carrots and brocolli around 4, and a salad with chicken and caesar dressing for dinner. Can I just say THIS GIRL IS HANGRY!!!!!!!! This will not be an everyday occurance. Honestly, I've decided to be more food aware, as much clean eating as doable, but not beat my self up if I eat something not so great. I know if I tell myself no every time, I'll do a binge. So I'll be careful.

I also did 30 Day Shred for the first time since August. Shoot dang. It was rough. About 5 minutes in I had resolved to quit on account of being waaay too out of shape. Then that woman starts yelling at me..."Don't phone this in! You can work hard! Your body is stronger then you think!" Okay, okay! I'll keep going. This routine happen about every 5 minutes. It's a 26 minute video. Wahoo. So I finished and I felt really good about it.

This has been kind of a rambling post for me. I feel uncomfortable writing about weight and all of this. I feel like you either come off as braggy or a pity/attention party. I'm going for neither of those. This is what is on my mind and I think if you write about something, it becomes more clear.

P.S. I SCRAPED my salad dish clean. Like every minisucle of lettuce. Bless it. I'd lick a shoe for some steak fries.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Womp Womp....

Jillian and I didn't get together last night.
I was much too distracted by my heartbroken husband. His car is in the shop. They were replacing an ACU and now the keys won't turn the car on (condensed Dani version). While it was in the shop, someone backed in to it. There's a dent and a scratch or two, but the boy is crushed. You'd think I got hit!

Now back to my real post.

Today at lunch, the girls and I were talking about being scared. I was DEATHLY affraid of being kidnapped as a wee chum. Of everything really. I don't remember having nightmares until one specific story on the news. I don't remember what it was, but immediately after hearing it my nightmares started. Shortly after that, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped and everyone got scared. My older sister started sleeping on my floor, practically under my bed. She would wake up and say she could hear someone cutting the screen. Extreme, I know. If ever I was out in the front yard and a car would drive up, I would run up to the porch, if not inside.  I was a SPAZ!!!

Am I still? ....To a degree. I run into my apartment at night, I lock my doors instantly, and I hold my phone in my hands any time I'm walking- usually with someone's number ready to call. Alright, I'm still scared.

Don't you worry though, I still watch my Criminal Minds. Usually, with one hand over all but a corner of my eye and one ear plugged. It's fine.

What were you scared of as a kid? What are you scared of now? Did you ever get over your fear?

The real reason we watch Criminal Minds... Lovely man.

Shemar Moore aka Derrick Morgan via

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


"I'd like to say 'Welcome'! Welcome to Illyria, welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome...to Illyria. I just wanted to say 'welcome'. 

I'm so glad you're here! I've wanted to start a blog for so long but never knew what I'd write about. I ultimately decided to write about everything! Clothes, makeup, food...lots of food, exercise, marriage, and all that fun stuff! 

Today was a busy day so I called on my slow cooker. I threw in 2 chicken breasts, a drained can of black beans, some corn, a jar of salsa, and some reduced fat cream cheese. It was pretty good. Not my fave but fairly low calories, which is good because I followed it up with some Oreo's! Mmhmm. It happened. 

Now someone give me some motivation to do a Jillian work out!