Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Friday Friday... {I know you're singing the song!}

Yipee! It's Friday and I don't work till 1:00. Dreams! And my man was extra kissy today! We're talking Disney (in the '90's) rated peeps. AND it was adorable. I luh him. Then he left for work and I made a really yummy breakfast! Ready?

Egg Whites
Vanilla Almond Milk
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Great Grains Wheat Bread ** Utah friends! This is at Walmart for like $1.88 and it is sooo good! Super soft and you can read all the ingredients!

Mix everything in a shallow dish and dip the bread on both sides.
Cook on medium heat in a skillet till golden brown and a little crispy.

Meanwhile, mix a teaspoon of Almond butter and a teaspoon of honey, then spread it on top!

I drizzled some sugar free syrup on top, too.

Hopefully this will be good fuel for my gym session in a little bit!

Alright folks. I want to be more homemakerish/crafty/thrifty. How do I make this happen? Mainly the thrifty part. I'm a gal that loves to spend some $$$! Just ask Ian! Any tips for saving money?  Can't wait to hear what works for you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


How are you all?! My life has been boring lately translating into nothing to write about! 

Last week (I think?), my best friend Jordan came over to my lovely little abode and we chatted for hours. We talked about weight, husband/love interests, food, family, and church. We probably talked about weight and food for two-three hours solid. Then the conversation shifted to church. 

We both admitted to feeling like something was missing from our lives,  that things were out of balance. 

We committed to reading scriptures and praying every day. 

Guys. This has made a WORLD of difference! I know what you're thinking.  Um, duh? 

I thought about it for a long time. How can I be so shallow to only work on my outward appearance. That is not the reason we're here. So, I am working on ALL aspects of my life. Spiritual being number 1. 

I probably won't share too much about my spiritual progress on here, just because I think that's a pretty personal thing. 

Moving on!
I've had a great week! Money is getting better! Body is getting better! Life is getting better! Yipee!

On Tuesday, I made turkey burgers and roasted vegetables for dinner. Yum. You want the recipe? Okay, I'll give it to you.

Turkey Burgers

Ground turkey - however much you want for the amount of peeps you want to feed
Ranch dressing powder mix- eyeball it
Ranch dressing- teaspoon maybe? I like ranch.
Italian blend cheese- 1/4 cup

Mix it allllll up. Cook it till there's no pink.

Ian got his on a whole wheat bagel thin with extra ranch and bacon bits. I ate mine by itself!


1 large sweet potato
1/2 rutabaga
1 zucchini
Some cauliflower
Salt and Pepper
Onion powder
Garlic powder
A weeee little bit of brown sugar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Chop the veggies to whatever size you so desire. Sprinkle everything and mix it up with your hands. Cook till everything is soft and caramelized!

*My rutabagas were still a little bit hard.. maybe throw them in on their own first for a bit?

For lunch the next day, I had all the leftover veggies with a Greek yogurt. Not combined, ya nasties...

Another Dani Special (side note- I used to make "Dani Specials" all the time and my family would make fun of me hard core for it! I wanted to be a Food Network chef people!! )

Baked spaghetti squash
Spaghetti sauce
Some cream cheese

Some day, once I go to the grocery store, I'll put some chicken sausage or ground turkey with it.

This is fun. I like to talk about food. Can I share my breakfast smoothie recipe?

Sweetened Coconut milk (go halvesies on these two)
Peanut Butter (tomorrow I'm going to try almond butter)
Maybe half a scoop of chocolate protein powder (till I get my RevvLean Boosters)
2 scoops of RevvLean 

Blend it all up. The spinach looks frightening, but it's really good and filling. I drank it today at 8:30 and was satisfied till 12. That's huge. I typically eat something around 10, but these shakes are super filling so I don't need it!

I really could talk about food for hours... if any of you would like some more recipes or if you'd like a SAMPLE of RevvLean, I'd be more then happy to share!