Friday, March 15, 2013


Everybody loves a Friday!

I've had a great week but I am ready to deep clean my house (did I just say that?) and celebrate my hunk-a-burnin'-love's BIRTHDAY! We're going to dinner with a bunch of RevvNRG friends. I'll have to try to hold myself back from eating the entire basket of rolls and my entire dinner. Then again, maybe not!

Currently I'm struggling over what to get my darling piece of man candy. He's the hardest person to shop for. Anything he wants, he gets himself. And he really only wants expensive car parts...that I would probably end up buying wrong. Any ideas would be rewarded with a giant hug... I take that back. I'm not a hugger. How about a PB Snickers?

So this week I inherited something I've wanted for years. When we lived in KY, there was a place my mom worked out at called Power Moves. I basically lived in the daycare cause my mama was an aerobic hottie! My sisters all babysat in the daycare and all that so they got Power Moves gear. Namely sweatpants.

After fighting  calmly and rationally explaining to my mother that I will actually wear them instead of them sitting in a closet, she gifted them to me. Yeeeee! I feel like a cool cat. Combine that with my new Mac and I'm basically unstoppable...

Okay I'll stop rambling.

Some day I'll have real life friends that I'd share this nonsense with instead of all you...(read: no one) but that day is not TOday.

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